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Rockstar Team

At NorthRock, we call our volunteers ROCKSTARS. Volunteering isn’t what we want from you, it’s what we want for you. Not what you have to do, but what you get to do. It’s simple. If you have an interest, you can count on us to help you find your ideal opportunity.

To join the Rockstar Team, simply:

  • Choose an area that interests you.
  • Complete the Growth Track

* Your schedule and rotation will depend on the opportunity you choose.

Join The Team


KidzRock – Nursery (0-24 months): Nursery volunteers carefully care and love on our NorthRock babies; our goal is to have parents relax and enjoy a distraction free service at Northrock. (Minimum age requirement: 13 years old)

KidzRock – Little Rockers – (Preschool ages 2-5 years): This team connects toddlers and pre-schoolers to Jesus through Bible stories, music, and activities. Children will learn that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. (Minimum age requirement: 6th grade)

KidzRock – Big Rockers (Kinder- 3rd grade): This team connects early-elementary age students to Jesus through Bible stories, engaging worship, prayer and hands-on activities in small groups. At this age, students will learn that that they need to make wise choices, that they can trust God no matter what, and to treat others the way they want to be treated. (Minimum age requirement: 16 years old)

KidzRock – Edge Rockers (4th-5th grade): This team connects upper-elementary age students to Jesus through Bible stories, prayer, and hands-on activities. Students will continue learning the foundational elements that are introduced in Big Rockers. (Minimum age requirement: 16 years old)

KidzRock – Rock Haven (Special Needs): This team receives special training to assist a special needs child during the 9am service. Team members provide one-on-one care for their special buddy, ensuring they have a safe and fun learning experience. (Minimum age requirement: 6th grade)

KidzRock – Worship: This team leads the Big and Edge Rockers into a fun and energetic worship experience with choreographed motions. (Minimum age requirement: 6th grade)

KidzRock – Production: This team is responsible for running the lighting, sound, and video for the elementary services. (Minimum age requirement:  16 years old)


Cafe Team: This energetic team connects with guests by offering a hot cup of coffee and a warm welcome.

Greet Team: This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at Northrock. The Greeters welcome guests with an encouraging smile and a personal touch, opening their hearts to experience Jesus and the Gospel message.

VIP Team: The VIP/Info team welcomes our first time guests and oversee “the first time experience”. You will engage with the visitor, giving tours of the NR facility, assisting them with KidzRock check-in (if necessary), and answering any questions the guest may have about the ministry of NR.

Parking Team: This fun and enjoyable team is truly the first impression of Northrock! We do more than simply park vehicles and direct traffic. With every smile, wave and direction given, we strive to convey NR friendliness even before  enter the building!

Usher Team: These mighty men and women prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

Events Team: This team helps facilitate an excellent “WOW-factor” experience for our guests. At each event we host throughout the week, we are committed to excellence so they can experience the love of Christ.

Prep Team: Help create and amazing experience for our guests! The Prep Team helps with things such as: set-up and tear-down of the porch area and resetting the auditorium for the next service.

KidzRock Check-in Team: This team helps our guests and regular attendees check their kids into KidzRock on Sundays. They also serve as the greeters for the children and their parents.


Production Team: Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches hundreds each week by helping to  deliver the messages and worship through camera, lighting, and other visual elements.

Worship Team: Through vocals, instruments, or audio engineering, this dynamic team prepares the way for our guests to encounter the presence of the living God.


Prayer Team: Our Prayer team is trained to pray with individuals after service, who need prayer or have committed their life to Christ; maybe even that day. The team also assist in praying for special requests written on connection cards and for special church events.

Growth Track Team: Our Growth Track team is known as the Ambassadors at NorthRock!  This team greets our guests, provides materials and assists throughout the two classes held each month.

Baptism Team (*Secondary team only): Our Baptism Team provides a seamless, celebratory, and meaningful baptism experience for the participant and their family members. This team may help with registration, set-up and tear-down, and assisting participants in getting in and out of the water.

First Response Team: This team serves to triage basic medical emergencies to our guests in the event of an accident or emergency at Northrock. Members of this team also help maintain a safe environment so we are ready to respond to issues that would create a disruption or distraction. (Nurses, Law Enforcement, etc.)

Legacy Team: Members of this team use the gift of giving to help fulfill the vision of Northrock Church. Through strategic financial offerings above their tithe, they support projects impacting our city, nation and world. The Legacy Team is an outlet for those who are called and equipped to finance the Kingdom of God and to leave a legacy.

Integration Team: Many connection cards come in every Sunday!  The Integration team makes it easy for our new guest to get connected at NorthRock.  Come be a part of an administration team that inputs data and helps keep the communication flowing!

KidzRock Behind-the-Scenes: This team does not teach children, but is the support system for those who do. Members of this team can serve as an administrator who sets up monthly schedules, coordinate curriculum, purchase supplies or organize supplies.

Northrock Students: Join a team that is pouring into the next generation. Our student ministry is for 6th-12th graders and meets twice a month. These exciting gatherings include worship, small groups, food and all kinds of fun. We have several opportunities for you to serve. From small groups, to setup, to checking in students, we have a place for you!

Small Group Leadership: We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a Small Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission.